Project Compliance Assurance & Management

Project/compliance assurance service is one of the most critical services, ensuring the project’s outcome, as per the plan and design intent. In today’s practice, many prime vendors outsource some of the jobs to the subcontractors, who then sublet some of the jobs to smaller players. Hence, it is almost impossible without a proven project assurance methodology to achieve the desired result for site fit-out.

During the project’s implementation phase, we participate in scheduled implementation review meetings with the customer and implementation partner to monitor progress and install verification of various data center elements. Any shortcoming is timely identified and rectified to avert non-conformity that may be time and cost intrusive otherwise. Some of the benefits of project compliance assurance services are:

Materials & Fit-Out Inspection

Materials and fit-out inspections provide details, procedures, technical requirements, health, safety, and environmental requirements defined by applicable standards, best practices, and guidelines to assist fit-out contractors in effectively planning all fit-out activities and meeting materials specifications.

Fit-out contractors must follow the guidelines to ensure that all materials and structures are fit for purpose and meeting the customer’s requirements.

As-Built Drawings

The contractor prepares and keeps up-to-date a complete collection of working drawings and documentation to execute the works based on the tender documents and drawings and site conditions, showing the exact as-built positions, sizes, and descriptions of the work as performed. In addition, the contractor submits as-built drawings of the works to the customer for approval.

We validate all the as-built drawings that will play a key role in maintaining, planning any enhancement and/or modification to the data center facility.

Testing & Commissioning

We also supervise and testify acceptance testing to validate data center project compliance. It ensures that the project is implemented as per the design specifications and customer’s requirements. Following are the key areas covered in the project assurance & compliance validation phase.

Certification Readiness Assessment

Upon completion of the new Data Centre, a high-level validation might be required to ensure that it has been built according to the applicable standards and international best practices. Regrettably, some contractors and suppliers might be guilty of neglect in terms of quality and compliance.

It may be due to economic pressure, time pressure, lack of attention to detail, or, in extreme cases, shoddy workmanship. Foresight provides a wide range of on-site assessment services for newly completed facilities as well as existing facilities. Often standards such as ANSI/TIA-942 and SS507 are applied as the basis for these assessments. This activity ensures that the site is ready for audit & certification by an accredited certification body.

Project Management Professional

The PMP is the industry’s most prestigious project management standard. The PMP validates integrity to perform in the project manager position, guiding and directing projects and teams to execute on schedule, on budget, and to high-quality standards. It is recognized and requested by organizations all over the world.

4sight offers best-in-class project management services that ensure rigorous attention to detail in delivering large and complex data center projects on time, within budget, and to the highest quality requirements, all while proactively handling the different project management methodologies.