Data Center Design

Foresight Technologies offers comprehensive data center consultancy services right from the current state assessment, requirements analysis, capacity planning, design concepts, location, and site selection to engineering, designing, bid process management, project assurance, testing, and commissioning as per international data center standards and best practices.

We are expert data center auditing, environment, health, and risk assessment organization that optimize facilities and service delivery, improve operational efficiency, and help customers build or improve next-generation data center facilities. Our strategy has always been to design and assess efficient, agile data center environments that enhance technology deployment, application availability, operational efficiency, and resilience while reducing data centers’ cost and complexity.

We are committed to leveraging cutting-edge data center technology to create high availability, efficiency, scalability, and reliability in line with business strategies for a dynamic digital environment. Our track-record incites confidence from our customers who rely on us to address the complete vendor-neutral data center technology lifecycle, including assessment, planning, design, validation, implementation, and operational management consulting services. We work with large corporations and new generation technology companies to build novel data center services and implement prudent business and technology strategies in a dynamic competitive digital environment.

Civil & Architecture

The data center’s architectural requirements for components, systems, and spaces are assessed based on international standards and best practices with the customer’s desired rating level. We ensure all architectural specifications are compliant with the design intent.


The data center’s electrical requirements for capacity, redundancy, diversity, concurrent maintainability and fault tolerance are assessed based on international standards and best practices with the customer’s desired rating level. We make sure that all electrical requirements are compliant with the high-availability requirements and the design intent.


The mechanical/cooling is another very critical area of a data center. No cooling means no ICT. We assess the data center’s cooling requirements for adequate capacity, redundancy, concurrent maintainability, and fault tolerance based on international standards and best practices with the customer’s desired rating level. We ensure all HVAC requirements and allied power requirements are compliant with the high-availability and efficiency requirements and design intent.


Network cabling quality is one of the most significant contributors to the data center’s availability, efficiency, and performance. As opposed to other facilities such as power systems and cables, network cabling has a much larger number of components. Furthermore, network cabling is a physical infrastructure that necessitates a great deal of manual labor to move, add or change. It would be difficult to upgrade it after built. Therefore, it’s important to understand the correct way to build the cabling infrastructure to sustain today’s requirements, potential network improvements, and successful and efficient operations.

We at Foresight Technologies understand the importance of standards-based network cabling and possess Certified Network Cabling Design Professional (CNCDP) resources. Proper network cabling helps customers reduce the risk of costly downtime, easy re-patching and fault finding, and improved rack cooling.

Security & Access Control

Modern data centers consist of layers of technological, administrative, and end-user spaces that support a large computer room with potentially massive processing and storage capacity. Providing physical protection for the data center covers the full spectrum of security needs for the facility, zones, buildings, spaces, and areas, including access control systems, depending on the number and types of possible threats. During the design of a site’s physical security, barriers, alarms, detection, piggy-backing, guard services, and surveillance requirements are addressed.

Data Centers must identify the physical security practices and countermeasures required to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the data center as the cost of downtime increases, year over year. Many companies build dedicated data center facilities and locations, which become private or semiprivate spaces, giving the owners much-needed control over the facility’s physical protection, the equipment, and the people who work in the data center facility minimize the potential risk of downtime.

Foresight Technologies help customers with modern and standard-based physical security advisory services for data center personnel, vendors, contractors, visitors, and critical facility spaces, locations, and facility buildings.

Fire Detection & Suppression

An electrical source causes most fires in data centers – cables overheating, dust, and lose connections are major contributors. Since it only shows a real fire, data center personnel never really know whether their fire suppression is working or not. After installation, most data centers do not perform adequate testing. Most of the time, the cylinders are attached, the alarm is activated, and that’s about it. As a result, conformity testing, commissioning, and maintenance are recommended to follow requirements, guidelines, and best practices.

We at Foresight Technologies help our customers to choose the most effective and economic standard-based fire detection and suppression solutions for various zones of the facility, including Computer rooms, Network operations center, Entrance room, Offices, Electrical switchgear, Battery and UPS rooms, Generator rooms, Chiller room, etc. complied with international standards, best practices, and local codes.

We also assist customers with smoke detection tests, design concentration tests, integrity tests, and flow tests to ensure the fire suppression system’s effectiveness.

Data Center Operations & Management

These days, organizations providing data center services are focused on developing high availability facilities with different levels of redundancies in compliance with standards such as ANSI/TIA-942, ANSI/BICSI-002, SS-507, and others. However, several organizations have recognized that if appropriate processes and maintenance systems are not in place, implemented availability levels are negatively affected, resulting in costly unplanned downtime and potential loss to the data center facility’s investment.

We provide operations & maintenance consulting services for data centers based on the international standard (DCOS) created to provide organizations with a standardized approach to service delivery to data center users. It facilitates the data center owner/operator to have a managed and coordinated approach to operations and maintenance, ensuring that the data center’s investment is protected. By implementing DCOS, the organization would be able to provide programs that are well specified with a high standard and ensures consistent delivery of quality services. It is the first industry norm for data center operations and maintenance.