Bid Process Management

Being an independent consulting organization, we are not related to any data center builder, construction company,y or equipment manufacturer. Therefore, we work purely in the interest of our customers and provide objective-oriented impartial advice.

Our assessment criteria of vendors are very astute. We evaluate every vendor based on the balanced scorecard developed with the customer to ensure the selected vendor is aligned to achieve the customer’s objective.

The bid/tender documents also cover the following areas

The following diagram illustrates a snapshot of the bid process management activities.


Step 1

Customer issues the Tender/RFP

Step 2

Bidders to provides written confromation to Customer of their intention to bid

Step 3

Customer provides final date for submission of clarification of queries

Step 4

Customer provides final date for submission of final response to RFP

Step 5

Customer short list the bidders

Step 6

Customer informs the qualified bidder for time of presentation and agenda

Step 7

Customer visits bidder customer refernce sites

Step 8

Shortlist final qualified bidder/bidders

Step 9

Prepared final recommendation

Step 10

Notify the successful bidder to contract negotiation

Step 11

Customer places the order

Step 12

Fix due date for system implementation

Technical Specifications

Once the design phase of the project is complete, the bid process management phase starts. This phase includes the preparation of tender documents for the Data Center project. The technical specifications predominantly cover the following areas for the design specifications.

Tender Drawings

The tender drawings show the scope of work to be performed by the contractor. Tender Drawings are not used as a basis for fabrication or construction. Tender Drawings are to be modified and supplemented by additional detail based on the contractors’ specific offerings.

Based on the standard and rating level, the tender documents comprise, but not limited to, the following drawings:

Bill of Quantities (BoQ)

Our cost consultants prepare an item-based bill of quantities (BoQ) as part of the tender documents, which offers project-specific measured quantities of the items of work defined by the drawings and specifications in the tender documentation. Preparing a bill of quantities necessitates the completion of the design and development of project specifications.

The unpriced bill of quantities is sent to potential bidders for a commercial offer to complete the required work. This bill of quantities aids bidders in calculating different items’ costs for their bid. It also ensures appropriate and reliable bidding and bid assessment method by requiring all bidders to price the same quantities (rather than taking quantities directly from the drawings and specifications).

Bid Evaluation

We possess propriety tools to perform bid evaluation exercises and help customers select the most appropriate vendor for Data Centre implementation after a transparent bidding process. We assess the following key areas during the bid assessment exercise.

The Technical and commercial evaluation consists of the following: