EPI Training

EPI Data Center Trainings

Data Center facility infrastructure design, management, operations, and compliance to standards play an important role in many organizations. Minimizing or avoiding downtime and improving efficiency are top priorities. Hence, being able to rely on educated staff becomes a key factor for data center managers all over the world.

The EPI data center training courses are certification courses. Designed for data center professionals, they are mapped in the EPI Data Center Training Framework©. The framework has a foundation training course and four tracks:

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EPI IT Training

The EPI IT Training Framework© is the ­first and only vendor-neutral competency-based IT Training Framework in the world for IT professionals to keep up-to-date and remain relevant in this fast-paced and increasingly complex industry. It is also the ­first and only IT Training Framework aligned to the European e-Competence Framework (e-CF).

The EPI IT Training Framework© offers a career track at three levels:

CITO (Certi­fied IT Operator)

CITM (Certi­fied IT Manager) 

An IT professional can enter the track at any level upon meeting the pre-requisite of many years of experience.