Why 4sight?

Established in 2006, Foresight has developed an international reputation for delivering-quality technical expertise with flexible and innovative solutions, techniques, and methodologies. Operating in Pakistan, Middle East, and Africa, we have helped many organizations, including governments, enterprises, energy, and telecom sector entities, to increase the availability of mission-critical infrastructure and improve effectiveness, efficiency, and manageability and minimize the risk of their business interruption.

Many claim to provide Data Centre consulting, training, audit, and certification services. However, most are either Data Centre builders, Data Centre equipment suppliers, and/or system integrators. Many organizations don’t regard Data Center as their core competence but entered the market due to growth potential.

Foresight is independent and focused data center consulting organization and therefore, we give objective and natural advice and deliver truly vendor-neutral consulting services and training programs. Foresight is a partner with EPI – a certification body and member of a large variety of industry groups and standards committees such as ANSI / TIA 942, BICSI 002, SS 507. As a result, we ensure that our customers receive the best information available in the market based on industry standards and best practices.

4sight stands out in many ways: