Management Team

Management Team

Javed Wadood

Founder - Foresight Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd.

Javed Wadood, the visionary founder of Foresight Technologies, fought valiantly before succumbing to Covid on February 1, 2021. He was 59. Javed was instrumental in ushering in the era of standards-based data centers in the industry. He then led a cultural transformation in how high availability and efficient mission-critical data center facilities were experienced today. Foresight team is committed to foster his legacy by offering a wide range of cutting-edge market-leading data center advisory services.

Nausheen Wadood

Country Manager (EPI PAKISTAN)
Director & CEO
Foresight Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd.

Nausheen Wadood fills the void in Pakistan’s Data Center & ICT Industry following her husband’s legacy by delivering mission-critical infrastructure and security projects. Nausheen Wadood has worked in various large organizations’ enterprise sales and business development domains for over 11 years. Nausheen Wadood is responsible for the growth and success of the organization by fulfilling the needs of quality-conscious customers in the growing market.

Ansar ul Haq


Ansar ul Haq has over 25 years of experience in the high-availability, ICT & mission-critical data center industry. He has extensive international experience and cross-functional skills in public, healthcare, oil and gas, global missions, governments, and multinational corporations in market settings and management.

Ansar is a highly trained and seasoned data center professional who has worked in key areas of ICT and data center technology, including planning, designing, bid process management, compliance assurance, optimization, risk assessment, operational support, auditing, and data center training. Ansar collaborated with major corporations, telecommunications providers, and governments on several multi-million-dollar data center infrastructure projects focused on the ANSI/TIA-942 standard in the region. Ansar is fully capable of providing business and technology consulting services to companies looking to penetrate the region’s data center growing market. Ansar also has extensive experience with government initiatives. He has been a member of the Economic Advisory Board – IT & Telecom, Government of Pakistan.