Data Center Planning

One of the most significant milestones in achieving short- and long-term business objectives is planning a Data Center facility. Two of the most critical data center planning factors are density and capacity for electricity, cooling, network, and space.

We place particular emphasis on the data center project’s planning phase: knowing the customer’s current data center infrastructure, whether it’s for an expansion, consolidation, or new build. We provide best-suited customized planning and design considerations that address unique customer needs for day one and the future in the most cost-effective, efficient, and environmentally sustainable manner, based on the current setup, needs, and future planned growth requirements.

Because of concerns about meeting the incremental power and cooling demands of modern server equipment, such as blade servers, many data centers are overdesigned for electrical and cooling capacities. We at 4sight ensure that adequate capacity designed for all areas of the data center facility, including but not limited to patch panels, conduits, spaces, and intermediate distribution feeds during the project’s planning stage, as well as paying attention to equipment densities with initial and longer-term electrical power and cooling capacities.

This phase’s key deliverable is to ensure that the initial design parameters are suitable to build the required Data Center and align with the requirements of the TIA-942 standard, and identification of any non-conformities, if present, at an early stage. Predominantly, the following essential tasks are performed during the planning stage.