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About Us

Foresight Technologies offers comprehensive data center consultancy services right from the current state assessment, requirements analysis, capacity planning, design concepts, location, and site selection to engineering, designing, bid process management, project assurance, testing, and commissioning as per international data center standards and best practices.

We are expert data center auditing, environment, health, and risk assessment organization that optimize facilities and service delivery, improve operational efficiency, and help customers build or improve next-generation data center facilities. Our strategy has always been to design and assess efficient, agile data center environments that enhance technology deployment, application availability, operational efficiency, and resilience while reducing data centers’ cost and complexity.

We are committed to leveraging cutting-edge data center technology to create high availability, efficiency, scalability, and reliability in line with business strategies for a dynamic digital environment. Our track-record incites confidence from our customers who rely on us to address the complete vendor-neutral data center technology lifecycle, including assessment, planning, design, validation, implementation, and operational management consulting services. We work with large corporations and new generation technology companies to build novel data center services and implement prudent business and technology strategies in a dynamic competitive digital environment.

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